As A Tiger In The Jungle

by Cirkus Xanti (Norway) and Ali Williams productions (Wales)

Three performers from Nepal and Vietnam ask questions about life, love, poverty and greed. Using spoken word, movement, circus and ceremony, they tell the story of how against all odds they survived their childhood and created their own destiny. An inspiring, authentic, raw and heart warming performance about life and circus, entertainment and reflexion.

Produced through an International partnership between artistic directors from two renowned European circus companies. As a Tiger in the Jungle will be a unique theatrical circus experience! 

Renu Ghalan (Nepal)
Aman Tamang (Nepal)
Loan TP Hoang (Vietnam/Norway)

Director/Writer: Sverre Waage (Norway)
Creative Producer: Ali Williams (Wales)
Circus choreographer: Mish Weaver
Choreographic assist: Hannah Mjaavatn (Philippines/Norway)

Composer/Music: Per Zanussi (Norway/Italy)
Design: Rhi Matthews (Wales) 
and Tarn Aitken (England)
Musicians (not live): Per Zanussi, Harpreet Bansal (India/Norway), Sanskriti Shrestha (Nepal/Norway)

Funded by Arts Council Wales, Arts Council Norway, Ffuk, Spenn, DTS/FD/Stikk, 
Supported by NoFit State, Pontio, Baerum Kulturhus, PIT, Black-E, Chora Chori Nepal