Become a Company Member

Did you know that NoFit State is a membership organisation?

To become a company member, you will need to pay a £5 annual membership fee. This gives you access to some valuable member benefits, including the right to use our supervised and professional training sessions and some discounts on some of our products and classes.

More importantly however, members are the ultimate voice of authority on what the company is and does. They have the right to vote on matters raised at NoFit State's Annual General Meeting (AGM), to elect new members of the board as well as the authority to question the management on what the company does.

The company board of trustees is accountable to the membership and the management are accountable to the board. Any changes to our memorandum and articles (the aims and objectives of the NoFit State charity) have to be agreed by the membership.

Members can also stand for a position on the board. Nominations for the board have to be submitted in advance with a brief written summary of your experience and what you feel you can offer. Being on the board is a big responsibility and a big commitment so think hard before putting yourself forward.

AGM 2016
This year's AGM will take place on Saturday 22 October. Please sign up to the community newsletter for the latest announcements on the location, time and agenda items.