Block: tales from the road

By Bethan

As Block heads out on tour for the summer our Tour Manager, Tim Adams, gives us insight into the joys (and challenges) of life on the road!

Block Blog Day 1 

Yesterday, I left Cardiff at 3.30pm (on time!) with the blocks and flooring in the newly painted trailer, heading to Porto in Portugal for the Imaginarius Festival. We got to Plymouth in plenty of time to catch the overnight ferry to Roscoff in Brittany. Ali Williams is my co-driver for this leg of the tour. She bagged the lower bunk in our cabin.

As we rolled off the boat a warning light came on in the van. Eventually we found a garage in a small village who sorted the problem (and sold us gas-oil 25% cheaper than motorway petrol stations!). Ten hours later we are in a service station just south of Bordeaux. I had a wonderful dinner; Ali wasn’t so happy with the lack of vegetarian options but we both agreed the Crème Brule was special.

Only 1000 kilometres to go!


Block Blog Day 2

South of Bordeaux to west of Salamanca and it was hot (my first day this year in shorts). Ali and I shared the driving and we were on target. Then disaster struck! The tow bar on the van broke. Ali nursed the van and trailer into a parking space. Minus the trailer, we found a petrol station and with the help of very friendly locals and an agricultural welder we were back on the road in 2 hours (thanks to Ali’s Spanish).

Another night in a roadside hotel and only 320 kilometres to Porto.


Block Blog Day 3

We made it!! We arrived around at 13:30 and unloaded the trailer by 17:00. We left ourselves just enough time to eat dinner and enjoy a beer in front of the church before the gang arrived. 
Tomorrow we get to work and I only hope I have time to catch some of the festival.



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