5 Reasons Why Autumn 2016 Will Be Great

By Luc



We hate to say it sun lovers, but Autumn is almost upon us... And guess what? It doesn't have to be miserable!

We'll be making the transition into darker nights an unashamedly joyful experience with a whole range of classes starting at Cardiff Circus Centre from the beginning of September.  

Here's 5 reasons why we think this Autumn will be great:


1. An Open Day To End All Open Days

It's not just classes we have to celebrate. To coincide with the launch our Autumn Programme, we'll be holding a free circus open day at the our space on Saturday 3 September with workshops, performances and our usual circus fun for all ages and abilities. We're inviting the whole community to take part, have fun, so bring your friends, bring your family, and get involved 

2. More Classes For Beginners

Summer holidays are overrated, anyway.  We love Autumn because it means more classes, more circus and swathes of new people joining our circus community here in Cardiff. 

Mixed Aerial is our go to entry point for any circus newbies thinking of flying away with the circus for a bit, you'll learn the basics of aerial hoop, trapeze, and rope and silks - to name just a few. But, if sticking on the ground suits you better, Circus Mish Mash is probably for you - learn to juggle, unicycle or even walk the tightwire.

If a good workout is what you're after, Aerial Fitness is our exhilarating twist on the tired old gym classes you've seen or attended. You don't have to be a professional aerialist or acrobat to take part; you'll learn those skills on the way while kick your own proverbial into gear. If you need a bit of extra help with throwing your body into all these new positions, Acrobatics will give you the base of flexibility and strength you need.

Hula Hoop is fun, creative and just plain bonkers. For just £5, you can join our hula gang and laugh yourself silly for an hour with three unique hoop teachers and a dedicated Hoop Jam. 

Clear your diaries and minds for Monday evenings, where you can learn how to master Handbalance and the beautifuly hypnotic Cyr Wheel (alongside a bit of philosophy too) with performer and teacher Jaakko Tenhunen

4. Learn from the circus that brought you BIANCO

We are the UK's leading contemporary circus company performing our internationally acclaimed productions to audiences all over the world. The skills you see in the shows are the skills you can learn in our classes.


5. Everyone's a winner 

Our classes run seven days a week throughout the year and are accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Whatever your level of fitness or experience, there really is something for everyone at NoFit State. 

Our Youth Circus programme provides a pathway in circus education from 5 to 18 years, and our dedicated professional teachers provide a varied and exciting programme for all attenders, with opportunities to feed into community performances. We provide aerial skill classes, ground-skill classes, beginners classes, professional training, masterclasses, workshops and even taster days!