An Update on Cardiff Circus Centre

By Tom


You may have recently heard the news about the potential closure of Cardiff Central Sports & Community Centre [CCSCC], the current home of Cardiff Circus Centre [CCC], our community training and education space.

Although the news has come sooner than we would have hoped, the case has always been that CCSCC is a temporary fix, not a long term solution for the housing of our community programme.

We want to reassure everyone that our community and education programme WILL continue to run, wherever it might be.

We are not without options, of course. We have our beautiful Four Elms community home in Adamsdown, and we are committed to continuing to deliver our hugely valuable and important programme in Cardiff.

It goes without saying that we very much hope that the decision on the building can be changed or overturned and for now, we encourage everyone reading this to sign the petition linked below.