BIANCO: An Epic Journey [EXTRACT]

By Tom

Posted: Monday 2 January 2017

Bianco was born in 2012 and followed Labyrinth as our second co-production with and at The Eden Project. Since then it has been seen by over a quarter of a million people in 11 different countries across the globe. 

Our work grows and evolves with time. This is what keeps it fluid, alive and always fresh. Each performer brings with them a skill, a technique, a craft mastered over the years and their individuality and humanity; their fears, their doubts, their hopes and their dreams. It is the weaving of all of this that gives our work its authenticity making it real; raw, raucous and infectious. We work with the fabric of each individual, evolve and adjust through each incarnation, adapting to the coming and going of the collective, reshaping and reinventing the work to suit the people that make it - while at our core maintaining our humanity, our heart and our soul.

Bianco here at Southbank Centre marks the end of a chapter in our 30-year history. After 15 years of creating, developing and touring this style of work it is now time for a radical change and to bring new elements into our productions. 2017 will be a year of research, development and creation for a new work to celebrate the 250th anniversary of circus in 2018. We will look at the heritage and history of circus for inspiration, and broaden the range of disciplines and theatrical and technical techniques available to us.

We will present this work to a more traditional seated audience in the round, yet stay true to our spirit and identity and keep the tented tradition and the magic of circus alive. We would like to thank the Southbank Centre for making this final run an amazing finale to this 5-year journey, the Eden Project as the original co-producers of Bianco Time For Beauty, and all the partners who made this journey possible.

And finally, huge thanks and respect goes to our friend and co-founder Ali Williams who, after 30 years, has moved on to fresh challenges and new horizons.
Tom Rack, Artistic Director


Thank you for making this journey with us...
Ace McCarron, Adam Blackburne, Andy Fox, Angharad Matthews, Anna O’Loughlin, Anne-fay Johnston, Ariele Ebacher, Ashley John Long, Ashling Deeks, Callum McIntyre, Cyril Marques, Dave Rook, Elena Burani, Eleanor Tipler, Elle Edwards, Emily Morgan, Emily Redsell, Florian Kuehn, François Néel, Fred Rendell, Freya Watson, Geoffrey Berhault, Gareth Jones, Howie Morley, Hugo Oliveira, Joni Anderson, Julie Weirich, Kate-Inez Kieran, Kelley Griffiths, Kirsty Henderson, Leif Le Cocotier, Lily Stephenson, Louis Blair, Mandy Armstrong, Marco Fiera, Marion Denier, Nat Whittingham, Oskar Howells, Pete Storer, Rhiannon Sinclair, Rike Zöellner, Rupert de Renzy-Martin, Ruth Butler, Sage Bachtler Cushman, Shaun Luker, Simon Wall, Stefan Hinches, Tanwen Watson, Tony Jones, Wim Penhaul, Zoe Munn.