Block: Tales from the road (part 11)

By Tim

published Friday 30 June, 2017


DAY 37

A day off, apart from the 10am meeting with people from the festival here, Viva Cité. It is the second biggest festival of street arts in France. It even has it’s own fringe festival.

It starts on Friday so I hope to catch a few acts in the afternoon before the performers arrive that evening.

It was an interesting meeting. They are extremely well organised. 

Today, I just wandered around this beautiful city, ate and drank.

Tomorrow, it’s the Musee des Beaux-Arts and more food. (I had oysters and guinea fowl tonight!)

Bon rêves.

What a view from the bar!


DAY 38 

Another day being a tourist in Rouen but let me explain – we are performing in Sotteville les Rouens. It’s the other side of the river, the Seine, from Rouen. It’s where they built the factories and railways in the nineteenth century. It’s where Ali and Orit and the rest of the crew created Barricade back in 2012 at the Atelier 231. An amazing creation space. They have them in every region of France. We made Block in the Citron Jaune creation space near Marseille.

So, tomorrow I rejoin the Block tour. The performers arrive and we go to work. The weather forecast looks OK. This is an important festival. We need to do good. What can I do to make this happen? Share my love? Shame my belief in the show? 



Rouen is amazing!

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