The Greatest Showkids on Earth

By Anna


Youth students release circus video.

Celebrating the end of an exciting project exploring the history of Welsh circus, NoFit State’s talented Youth Circus Students have released a short documentary. The 13 minute film condenses their 9-month journey, taking you with them as they delve into the history archives, learn lost circus skills, visit the big-top tent, and imagine what the future of circus might hold. All in the lead up to a spectacular performance.

Watch their journey here:

This film is a part of the UK-wide celebrations marking the 250th anniversary of British circus. It documents the progress of Youth Circus Students as they look at the unique Welsh contribution to the development of circus.

Kaiya (Youth Circus Student) said, “It was a great experience filming behind the scenes of our show. It was amazing learning how to handle the camera correctly as well as playing with the camera angles to get different outcomes.”

Watch the students participating in Circus: 250 Years Young, a creative heritage project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Young Roots programme.

The film shows students scouring the archives, taking talks from circus experts, having a go at forgotten circus skills and putting on their own circus show, all whilst learning video production techniques.

Richard Bellamy (Head of Heritage Lottery Fund Wales) said, “Circus: 250 Years Young is an excellent example of how they can get involved, take decisions, develop new skills and interests, connect with their communities and have fun.”

Seventeen NoFit State Youth Circus students, aged 11-18 and from all over Cardiff, participated in the recording of the documentary. Receiving support and training from digital engagement and regeneration agency, ProMo Cymru along the way.

Arielle Tye (Communication and Media Manager, ProMo Cymru) noted that “In today's world digital skills are hugely important for a young performer. Learning how to tell stories, promote themselves and use video as an art form will help with their development as artists.”

They interviewed each other to record their progress, with their footage included in the final documentary edit. Learning new digital skills whilst exploring the past, present and future of circus.

Keith Chaplin (Youth Circus Parent): “It was wonderful to watch my daughter grow throughout the project. I was impressed with the way that it encouraged her to link artistic creativity, intellectual enquiry, and historical understanding to her physical development, and most importantly, to do it while having loads and loads of fun.”

The Circus: 250 Years Young documentary celebrates this far reaching and ambitious youth led project. Proving to be an educational and inspiring journey for the NoFit State Youth Circus troupe.

Olga Kaleta (Head of Youth Circus, NoFit State) looks back on the project: “Its been a fantastic experience for everyone involved. We're all so inspired and excited for the future.”