Meet Luke, a juggler in LEXICON

By Jani

published Friday 16 March, 2018
Luke Hallgarten juggling with NoFit State
Jani: Hi Luke, Whats your name? (both laughing)
Luke: My name is Luke Michael Hallgarten and I am 23 years old.
Jani: Michael? I've know you for years… I never knew this! 
Jani: What is your role in the company?
Luke: Good question.
Jani: Are you a juggler?
Luke: Oh yeah! I am the juggler! I am a performer, but I also clean the toilets, mop the floor, tie ropes… everything really. 
Jani: Don't read my notes!!! (Luke laughs) 
Jani: Your journey in the circus industry. Why and how did you end up as a circus performer? 
Luke: I've started on the London Youth Circus when I was 9 years old. It was in Circus Space (now the National Centre for Circus Arts). It was my mum really who wanted me to get some energy out, so she sent me there and I've fell in love with the whole thing. Especially juggling, so I've kept doing that, and then when I was 17 I've done a BTEC in Circus Arts. Then 5 years later. I've got a 1st class degree in NCCA. After that I went to study in France for two years to LIDO and now I'm with NoFit State making Lexicon. 
Jani: What do you like to do in your free time? 
Luke: I've just bought a trombone! Two days ago, so been doing a loads of that. I like to eat food! One of the shops have an offer on my favourite crisps at the moment, they are sea salt and cider vinegar, so they been taking up quite a lot of my time. I also like to read, write and watch TV. 
Jani: Write? 
Luke: Yeah, I just started a diary since we are here, mostly to remember things we've done, but I like to write short stories, show ideas.
Jani: What are your life goals?
Luke: To be a nice person, and to care for others.
Jani: What do you think about the 250th anniversary of Circus in the UK? 
Luke: I think it's a fantastic opportunity for the industry to get some recognition, from the councils and the government. I disagree that circus is only 250 years old but I overlook this tiny detail and honestly I like it because it brings more exposure to our art form. 
Fabian, Joachim & Luke on 1 Cyr Wheel with LEXICON
Jani: What inspires you Luke?
Luke: Things I read, things I see, feelings. Like watching kids, is really interesting for me, watching them how they react to things, it's really nice seeing them how they learn and makes me think about myself on stage, how I react to things and learn things.
Jani: Ok, it was a fun interview, but I would like to ask a funny question in the end (it's a signature thing) When you are driving alone, towing your caravan. What do you do and think in your car?
Luke: Well, it supposed to be a funny one, but it's quite traumatic actually. Because I've crashed my caravan and car on the way to Cardiff last year, when we were creating the show. 
Jani: What were you thinking then? 
Luke: Now, I've only driven my new car from the place where I bought it to Newcastle Under Lyme, and it was exactly the same thing in my head all along…. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK. Yeah… some caravans and motorhomes took over because I was driving 30MPH.  I wanted to play some Destiny's Child to take my mind out of it, but then I remembered maybe it would be a better idea if my mind was on it. I was terrified the entire journey, forgetting to breathe. 
Luke: Was that it?
Jani: yeah that's it really. 
Luke: Awwww thanks Jani, that was quick.
Photos: Richard Davenport and Jani NightChild
Interview and Written by Jani NightChild