Circus In Circles

Circus in Circles is a new project in its research and development stage, looking at the evolution of the standing shows we tour in the big top and the 12-year collaboration between NoFit State Circus and Firenza Guidi through the ImMortal trilogy, the tabù series, Labyrinth and currently Bianco. 

the circus heritage

Circus in Circles is a pilgrimage to our circus roots, a quest to bring new interpretations of circus traditions and a historical perspective to our work. We want to engage with a broader spectrum of disciplines, work with more ground-based skills and apply our language and aesthetic to these re-discovered practices in new ways. We want to take disciplines such as banquine, teeter board, acrobatics, and look at how they transfer to a large ensemble.

the contemporary circus animal

We want to create ‘the contemporary circus animal’ and celebrate the historic heritage of animals in circus, finding ways of capturing of the raw spirit and artistry that has become lost in the contemporary context. This might be through the exploration of puppets and puppetry, costume, engineering, robotics or video, keeping at its centre the “animal” or the “beast.”

the projected landscape

We are interested in the use of old school illusion integrated with video and projection mapping. By projecting on the floor from multiple angles, we want to create a 360-degree projected space for the performers to inhabit and interact with. We are keen to explore motion capture technology so that the choreography of the artists can manipulate projected texture for it to become a partner in the construction of the image.

the world of ropes and cables

We want to further develop our signature style of kinetic rigging and rigging in performance. Using our complex choreography of wires, ropes and pulleys, along with fabric gauzes and netting, we can create the continually evolving environment and skyline of our world. Our scene changes and transitions become a ballet of flown structures as we weave and manipulate forms with tensile structures. Within this landscape of soft scenography, we will play with light, shadow, magic and illusion.

We believe the spiritual home of the circus is under the canvas, and its heart and soul comes from the collective, the lifestyle of the travelling community. It is this bond and complicity that mark our path.