Convention & Conference [Newcastle-under-Lyme]

The State of the Art: 13 – 16 April | The State of Play: 17 – 18 April

CONVENTION: 'The State of the Art'
13 – 16 April 2018

Calling all circus artists and practitioners from enthusiastic amateurs, circus students and established performers.  ‘Back to the beginning’ will be an old school circus convention. An opportunity for people to encounter each other artistically and socially. To bring together likeminded people to laugh, learn, perform and play over a weekend of inspiration and creativity.

In the spirit of Circus 250 we want to bring exponents of earlier genres of circus performance and explore some of the foundations and roots of the form. We will bring specialist coaches and facilitators in a range of skills to offer tasters and masterclasses in different techniques and disciplines.


CONFERENCE: 'The State of Play'
17 – 18 April 2018

Following the convention will be a conference aimed at the artists, directors, companies, producers and makers of the UK circus sector. It will be a two-day event combining thematic session, inspiring talks, creative networking and open-ended conversions and discussions on into the night.

The conference will be designed in consultation with the sector and curated by an external panel of experts.

It’s an opportunity for the artists, practitioners and makers to meet together. To redefine the role of performer as an artist and circus as a credible art form within the new arts ecology and economy. Let’s discuss the next 250 years of circus, without the establishment’s agenda, and foster creative debate.

In addition, both events will introduce circus practitioners, some for the first time, to the spiritual home of circus, living together and training/performing under canvas.

To register your interest to participate and/or to add your voice to the discussion that will shape these events and make them relevant to here and now, email