Citrus Arts

Citrus Arts was set up in 2008 by Bridie Doyle and James Roberts. They are a new Welsh company producing performance work that sits between theatre, circus & dance.

NoFit State are really proud to have played a small part in the success of Citrus Arts. As one of the first company's to have flourished from NoFit State's programme of support, it's great to see the success of their touring programme. Of NoFit State's support, James said:

"Citrus Arts would not exist without the support that NoFit State gave us in our early days. Working on any of NoFit State's productions is an incredibly empowering experience for any independent artist wondering if they are ready to start to produce their own work; it doesn't surprise me that so many of their performers have done so. When NoFit State occupied their first permanent space, they had the faith and foresight to offer rehearsal space, professional advice and resources at just the right time for not only the Welsh arts scene, but for the UK's contemporary circus and it's step-up to international stages."