Corporate Training

NoFit State offers bespoke team building workshops and corporate fun days. Ranging from one-off events to tailored packages for sponsors, we have worked with small non-profits and community groups through to large multi-national companies.

Watch our video to see how Admiral Insurance got on at a NoFit State team build day.


So why choose circus for staff development?

• At a time when companies are facing challenging times, a day behind the scenes at the UK’s premier contemporary circus is a great way to reward hard work.

• Our circus skill days are designed to be easily accessible and to leave everyone with a sense of achievement.

• Supporting each other in team exercises and group games is an effective way for teams to develop new ways of working together productively and creatively.

• Managing risk safely and responsibly forms the heart of what we do as a contemporary circus company. Many of the lessons in risk management in a circus context transfer effortlessly to other sectors and activities.

• Circus will burn off the stress that can build in a high-pressure job, and is an invigorating experience that leaves participants energised and motivated.

• We challenge participants to push themselves and re-examine the limits of what they thought they were capable of. Rising to new challenges as a team encourages participants to re-examine their own goals and productivity when they return to their work environment.


If you would like to learn more about the types of staff development activities that we offer, please get in touch with Lizzy for help creating the perfect workshop or fun day to suit your company’s needs.