AGM 2016: Sat 22 October

By Tom

posted Thursday 13 October

BUILDING UPDATE: After meeting the City of Cardiff Council, we have been assured that Cardiff Central Sports & Community Centre will remain open until at least March 2017 and potentially longer, giving us more time to better plan the next part of our future.


A message from Tom 
(Artistic Director, NoFit State)

Dear Friends and Members

In preparation for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) we thought it might be useful to write to you with an update of what’s been happening and our future plans.

A membership organisation?
As you know, NoFit State is a membership organisation but these days it’s less clear as to what that actually means. Back in the days when we had even more limited resources, being a member meant something different.

In those days we couldn’t have survived without the hands on support of our members. They supported the company at every level from volunteering their time and skills to donating hard earned cash to help us buy our very first tent. From this, the benefits for members were more obvious and people got out what they put in. 

These days (for the most part) it’s a very different relationship. The user base has expanded beyond that smaller collective of individuals and now what most people want is to participate in the programme and ‘buy in/use’ the services we offer. We totally accept that this is a by-product of success and times have changed. We now have to ask ourselves; are we still operating on what is now an out-dated model? I propose that at the AGM we can look at this and see if there is a better, more appropriate structure for everyone going forward.
Aside from being able to attend the AGM currently the only real benefit of being a member is for professionals who can use the training space. You don’t have to be a member to attend classes or participate in any projects we might run. So why pay the £5 and attend the AGM?
The AGM [Download the AGM and Company Update]
The AGM is the annual event where we report to the membership what we have been doing and what our plans are. It is also the forum that elects our board of trustees who are our governing body.
Members can nominate themselves or be nominated to stand as trustees, and if elected by the members, join the board. Nominations for new board members need to be emailed to by Saturday the 15th and should include a short write up about the person, what they could offer as a trustee and what they hope to gain from their involvement.
It is the meeting where our annual accounts are presented and signed off and there is an opportunity for the membership to interrogate them and ask questions of the board and staff. Any trustee who has served two years on the board must also offer their resignation at the AGM. There is some necessary legal formality involved in the meeting but we try to do that as efficiently as we can.


The AGM will take place at 5pm - 7pm on Saturday 22 October at Four Elms.

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The plan is that we will do the formal business first and then break out some wine and cheese and continue talking more informally. After that, the diehards can join us over the road in the pub to put the world to rights. 


Regular Pub Meetings

We have also instigated a monthly night at the pub for our friends, members and teaching community for an informal get together and general catch up and chat.

The next one is on Wednesday the 19th of October (before the AGM) at 6pm at the Four Elms pub just over the road on Elm St, where we will be from if anyone would like to join us to they would be very welcome.
We hope you will be able to attend the AGM and look forward to talking to you then.

Tom Rack
Artistic Director, NoFit State


A message from Yvette (Chair, NoFit State)

It is a very exciting time for NoFit State Circus as requests come in from across the UK and across the world for the work of the Company from large scale to small. As Tom has said in his letter, the Company has changed a great deal from the early days and we have had to make a number of changes to make sure that it is in a good position to go forward and to respond to the requests - New York, Hong Kong and London are great places to be but, NoFit State is very much a Cardiff and Wales company with strong roots and enduring attachments to its local community as well. I would hope, those strong values of cooperation, support and loyalty that it started with still remain and affect the work and the way that we work.

I think it is a great idea that the members discuss what they want to get out of being a member of NoFit State now and in the future. The AGM will be a great time to do this. Sadly, I will not be able to be there in person - the first time I have had to miss a meeting - I will be at the World Summit for Arts and Culture and will be flying the NoFit State flag. However, I would like to attend the AGM by Skype and so will be able to participate.

I look forward to seeing you electronically on Saturday 22nd.

All the best,    

Chair, NoFit State                     

 To get the most out of this year's AGM, please download and read the following documents: