Creative Residency at Letni Letna

By Becca

Published Wednesday 30 August, 2017

We arrived in Prague on the evening of the 9th of August. It has been two years since we were last here together. The feeling of nostalgia instantly lead us to having dinner in the exact same restaurant (and ordering the exact same food) where we spent the majority of our evenings in 2015.



Back in Prague again #letniletna #festival #circuslife @nofit_state_circus

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Thursday morning was an early start. We met the workshop participants before work started on the building of the rig. At this point we didn’t even know what exactly was going to be hanging off it, so this was an interesting process. Fortunately, Lyndall, our Creative Rigger, had all - well, most - eventualities covered. This took place in a beautiful building of Jatka78.



We met the production staff of Letni Letna, who where lovely and very welcoming.

Having started the day building the rig and ending the day working with Firenza, this was very much a baptism of fire for our workshop participants; many of whom where new to working with Firenza and her unique approach. The weekend was full on, all day creative workshops building the foundation of the show. 

Monday saw the arrival of the infamous John Kirk, Technical Production Manager much to all of our relief. The rigging was dismantled on Monday evening, put in the truck and transported to Letna Park. Tuesday morning it was rebuilt in the open air, while rehearsal carried on behind the scenes.

Wednesday was supposed to see everyone outside ready for a full day of rehearsals. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans and due to torrential rain and thunder storms rehearsals where cancelled until late Wednesday afternoon.

We're not the types to be held back, so we worked late into the evening with much of rehearsals taken place in the dark. We powered through until 11:30pm until we called it a night.



Thursday = SHOWDAY! Luckily the weather had cleared up and it was 30 degrees. Off came the rain coats and on came the sun cream. An intense day of rehearsals, teching and lighting the show before curtains up at 08:30pm.



What a show! We had an audience of over 3,000 people who cheered, laughed and cried as we took them on our journey. Despite long hours and difficult working conditions, we received amazing feedback from audience and festival staff alike. What a great way to open Letni Letna!

The evening didn’t stop there, once the show had finished we took a 15-minute break and worked until 01:00am to dismantle the rig and load up the truck. At that point, we got a very well deserved beer (or 5, and some jaguar with a little bit of whiskey thrown in too)

Well done team and thank you Letni Letna for having us, here’s to the next!