Block: Tales from the road (part 15)

By Luc

Published Friday 14 July, 2017

DAY 48 

So, only a four hour drive from Deventer to Wolfsburg. We are now in a plush hotel in the modern city.

Tomorrow is a day off. I have meetings at 12 and 2 and then I unloads the van at 11pm. No wonder German productivity is higher than the UK!

But, I’m still smiling because Nina is here.


Plush hotel, massive bed and a bottle of bubbly.


DAY 50

When you get back to your hotel at 1AM, having just unloaded the van and trailer, when your girlfriend is waiting in your bed, when you’re starting work at 9AM, it is too late to write a blog.





Wolfsburg: where Volkswagen meets circus meets Pink Floyd.



DAY 52

Where do I start? I am still overwhelmed by Car City. Is this our future? It's a five star experience. The lawns are beautifully manicured. There is no litter. For Bianco I always wanted to offer a five star service. How I failed, in my leather kilt, in our scruffy tent with our disrespectful attitude.

We did two great shows today. Danny was back. The audiences where smaller than we’re used to, but very appreciative.

We are one of the ‘street circus’ shows here. Another is Vincent of Compagnie Mauvais Coton. His act is brilliant, so funny, poetic and graceful. But mainly funny. Genial.

Only 6 more shows and our tour is over.

What amazing times we’ve had!



Block in Autostadt




Five star stewarding.