Moving to Four Elms: FAQ

We are moving our classes and training sessions to our community home on Four Elms Road from Monday 27 March.


It’s a thrilling concept – every corner of our beautifully converted city-centre church teeming with circus and art, and an opportunity for our community of class-attendees and circus professionals to learn and create in a dedicated space.

Although there will be challenges with such a big move, we hope that our factsheet below will help clear up any big questions that you may have.



The Big Move FAQs



Where is Four Elms?

Four Elms is our community home and training space on Four Elms Road in Adamsdown, Cardiff. The full address is NoFit State, Four Elms Road, Adamsdown, Cardiff, CF24 1LE

Class attenders must enter the building using the side entrance (near the poster board).

See it on a map:

See it on Street View:



When are we moving?

The entire education and training programme will run at Four Elms from Monday 27 March 2017.   The programme has been adapted in areas and a few of the classes have been moved around for health and safety purposes.

NOTE FOR SUNDAY JEDIS: Your final class of the current schedule (Sunday 26 March) will take place at Four Elms. Your class will then switch to the new time and date, and take place at Four Elms from Monday 27 March onwards.



Will the time of my class change?

We have had to make a few changes to the programme, but we have tried to keep changes to a minimum. Only the highlighted classes are affected:

DAYCurrent TimeNew TimeAt Four Elms from:
MONDAY4.30 – 6pmWookies (7-9)No changeMonday 27 March
 5pm – 6pmEwoks (5-7)Tuesdays. 5–6pmTuesday 28 March
 6pm – 8pmFlying Trapeze L3Sundays, 7-9pmSundays 2 April
 6pm – 8pmAerial Hoop L4No changeMonday 27 March
 6pm – 8pmStatic Trapeze L3No changeMonday 27 March
 7.45pm – 9.45pmAerial Hoop L2No changeMonday 27 March
 7.45pm – 9.45pmAerial Hoop L3No changeMonday 27 March
 7.45pm – 9.45pmFlying Trapeze L1Sundays, 5 – 7pmSunday 2 April
 7.45pm – 9.45pmStatic Trapeze L4No changeMonday 27 March
TUESDAY4.15pm – 6pmJedi Ground (11+)No changeTuesday 28 March
 4.30pm – 6pmPadawans (9-11)Mondays, 4.30–6pmMonday 27 March
 6pm – 7pmHula HoopNo changeTuesday 28 March
 6pm – 8pmSupervised TrainingNo changeTuesday 28 March
 7.45pm – 9.45pmMixed AerialNo changeTuesday 28 March
 7.45pm – 9.45pmStatic Trapeze L3Mondays 6pm – 8pmMonday 27 March
WEDNESDAY4.15pm – 6pmJedi Acrobatics (11+)No changeWeds 29 March
 6pm – 8pmAcrobatics [Adults]No changeWeds 29 March
 7.45pm – 9.45pmCreative CircusTuesdays, 6 – 8pmTuesday 28 March
THURSDAY6pm – 8pmFlying Trapeze L2Sundays, 1-3pmSunday 2 April
 6pm – 8pmStatic Trapeze L2No changeThursday 30 March
 6pm – 8pmRopes & Silks L2No changeThursday 30 March
 6pm – 8pmRopes & Silks L3No changeThursday 30 March
 7.45pm – 9.45pmStatic Trapeze L2No changeThursday 30 March
 7.45pm – 9.45pmRopes and Silks L3No changeThursday 30 March
 7.45pm – 9.45pmRopes & Silks L4No changeThursday 30 March
 7.45pm – 9.45pmFlying Trapeze L1Sundays, 3-5pmSunday 2 April
FRIDAY4.15pm – 6pmJedi Aerial (11+)No changeFriday 31 March
 6pm – 7.30pmAerial FitnessNo changeFriday 31 March
 6pm – 8pmSupervised TrainingNo changeFriday 31 March
SATURDAY10am – 11.30amWookies (7–9)No changeSaturday 1 April
 10am – 11.30amEwoks (5-7)Saturdays, 11.30am-12.30pmSaturday 1 April
 11.30am – 1pmPadawans (9 - 11 years)Saturdays, 12.30pm-2pmSaturday 1 April
SUNDAY12pm – 2pmJedi General Skills **NEW TIME CHANGESaturdays, 4pm – 6pmThurs 30 March
 2pm – 4pmJedi PerformanceSaturdays, 2pm – 4pmSaturday 2 April
NOTE FOR SUNDAY JEDIS: Your final class of the current schedule (Sunday 26 March) will take place at Four Elms. Your class will then switch to the new time and date, and take place at Four Elms from Monday 27 March onwards.



Will prices change?

No. Class prices will remain the same as before.                      

Youth: Ewoks (5-7) 


Youth 7+                      


Aerial Classes              

£11 / £9

Creative Circus            

£11 / £9

Flying Trapeze              

£12 / £10





Aerial Fitness

£8 / £6

£10 / £8.50


£9 / £7      

£12 / £10

Hula hoop

£5 / £4




Will class sizes change?

No. Our class capacities, and teacher:student ratios will remain the same.



Sharing space with other classes?

The Four Elms training space is a lot smaller than we are used to at Cardiff Circus Centre. Over the past few months, the education team have run a number of different models and tests with our Technical Production Manager and all-round health and safety guru John Kirk, making sure that the programme can run with as few changes as possible, completely safely.

Some classes must run side-by-side, where it is possible and safe to do so. The only classes that cannot run alongside other classes are our flying trapeze classes. Flying Trapeze classes therefore make up the biggest number of scheduling changes.



Where can I park my car?

Unfortunately, there is not a great deal of on-street parking on Four Elms Road or the surrounding streets. The availability of this varies throughout the day and week. 

Much of the surrounding area is resident-only with a number short stay spaces, there are also some free spaces that can be found directly outside the building. We hope that with the improved public transport situation (we are just off Newport Road), many of you will no longer need to bring a car.



Public Transport?

The nearest train stop is Cardiff Queen Street Station; this is a 15-minute walk to Four Elms.

The nearest bus stop is Piercefield Place, which is 30 seconds away from our building, and there are a number of frequent bus services that travel via Piercefield Place




Cycling racks

There are three bike racks on the opposite side of the road from our main entrance. These are on the old Roath Library site.,-3.1601186,3a,37.5y,324.97h,71.98t/am=t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sRMaZ8HV44AOZc8PvWWa5mw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656



How long are we here for?

As our community home, Four Elms will always be a permanent fixture for us. Until we can find an even better solution that will solve all of our training, production and storage space needs, this is where we plan to keep the community programme.



Will there be a reception? Will it be the same?

Four Elms has its own dedicated reception area, and our five wonderful Receptionists Beth, Jen, Jo, Leaf and Rachel will still be here to listen to your needs and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible!



Will there be a café?

There isn’t a café within the Four Elms building, but we do have kitchen facilities available upon request with water available. If you need a bit more luxury, you can head over the fabulously international Clifton Street for a multicultural culinary extravaganza.



Are there showers and changing rooms?

There are three shower rooms on the reception side of Four Elms. These are big enough to act as private changing facilities if needed.


What other facilities are there?

As well as the Main Space, which comes with all the rigging points and equipment storage space needed, Four Elms also houses a studio room, several toilets and is also interspersed with office and meeting spaces, a kitchen, 3 washrooms, 5 WCs, and a reception area.

Some areas are Staff Only. Please respect the signs around the building.



How does signing in work?

Sign in works just as it did before, at reception. You may need to ring the door bell at the side entrance, where a staff member will ‘buzz’ you in. You will then pass the reception area as you enter the building to the main space.



Where can I store my stuff? Do you have lockers?

There aren’t any lockers in Four Elms, but we will have the wooden storage cubes available that we had in Cardiff Circus Centre.



What happens if I can’t make my new class time?

Please talk to us. We have tried as hard as possible to make the changes are few and far between, however as you will appreciate, this has not been possible 100%of the time.

We don’t want you to miss out, and we will try everything in our power to make sure you still get to take part in your circus activity.



Is there enough room for trapeze and swinging?

We’ve done all the necessary risk assessments and safety checks and we can confirm that trapeze and swinging trapeze can go ahead in the Main Space safely, with some schedule changes.  Please talk to Reception about professional and shared training times



How does professional and shared training work?

Supervised training is still running and professional training will also run in the daytime. We will continue to update the timetable over on our Professional Training page.

Please talk to Reception if you have more specific enquiries or if you do not have access to the internet.



Are there still going to be opportunities to perform?

In short, yes. We are committed to providing the opportunities for our community participants to perform and showcase their skills. Shows like Journeys and the Jedis 2016 Christmas Showcase were a resounding success, and we hope to programme more of these types of events as soon and as often as possible.



Will you still run open days, parties, masterclasses, summer schools?

It's quite early to say, but in theory, yes - with a degree of sensitivity to professional and shared training times.nchor



Will there be any time for private lessons?

These will be put on hold for now, for reassessment in April.  They will also be restricted to daytime and usually within the supervised training times.



Building open times – can I come in to talk to someone in the day?

Our Four Elms reception area will be attended from 10am each week day morning or from 30 mins before the earliest class right through to the end of the day (depending on class finishing times). Remember, you can always email or call 02920 221 330 if you have any questions.



Will there be any further big changes?

As long as everything runs smoothly in the new space, no. There will inevitably be a few teething pains as we get used to our new surrounding, but we’re confident that Four Elms will be an even better space than CCC, where the company and community can come together in the same building. 

We welcome and value your feedback as we make such an exciting move