Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith first discovered NoFit State in 1998 when she mistakenly thought she was going to a rave and found herself watching a performance of a large community production, Prophecy, in a warehouse in Splott.

A year later whilst an art student she went to a circus workshop one evening and soon found herself in a community show, Now.Here, in another warehouse in Cardiff. As a result she postponed her degree and followed her new-found passion for circus. She has worked many jobs within the company’s community classes and projects including as a trainee performer for the 2005 Immortal tour, a cleaner, a clown, a youth circus tutor, an aerial instructor, a receptionist and a production manager.

Most recently Sarah worked with NoFit as a Project Officer, her duties included producing small projects and events, suporting core company administration, and providing production support for the company’s larger projects.

Sarah has also completed her MA Arts Management at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.