Toby Philpott

Toby was intended for an academic career, before he dropped out to become a street juggler. He started by passing the hat in the USA and Mexico in 1972, then returned to London to concentrate on researching and learning old circus and variety skills.

As well as performing his acrobatic comedy juggler routine he began teaching and promoting circus skills both in Fringe Theatre, and for fun and fitness. He helped set up the original juggling conventions for Europe, wrote for the juggling magazines and worked in a juggling shop.

His mime and mask work led to working animatronic puppets for feature films, like The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and Return of the Jedi in the 80s. Between films he had moved to Cardiff, and ran a juggling workshop in 1983, which led to a playful university club called Balls Up, and, eventually a dedicated crew who called themselves NoFit State Circus. After they bought their own little big top in 1990, he ran away from teaching in circus schools, and did several tours with them as tent crew, stage manager or performer, in the 1990s.
Toby was a valuable member of the Board of Trustees between 2004 and 2015.